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Founded in the year 2000, Beenox is a video game developer in Quebec City, Canada. Beenox is proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Publishing Inc., one of the world's top game developers.

Known for the development of top titles such as Guitar Hero Smash hits, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and The Amazing Spider-Man, Beenox has also contributed to the resounding success of the Skylanders franchise by co-developing Skylanders Swap Force, Skylanders Trap Team, and Skylanders SuperChargers. Now the studio is proud to be involved in the Call of Duty franchise, including the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

At the heart of our success are our talented employees and we take great care of them. Year after year, their expertise and passion allow us to pursue our mission to create memorable games through craftsmanship and innovation.


Jean-Michel Thériault
Jean-Michel Thériault
Job Description

Beenox is searching for a Character Artist who has the necessary skills to model the characters on the Call of Duty franchise.

Job Description

• Achieve modeling of characters and objects from 2D sketches;
• Perform modeling of characters according to the technical limits (number of polygons, subdivision of polygons, etc.);
• Contribute to the accessories and objects modelling and textures;
• Create pixel shaders for characters and objects (normal map, specular map, cube map);
• Perform character optimization.





• Ability to design 3D characters, hi-res and low-res;
• Ability to create hi-res and low-res textures;
• Good knowledge of ZBrush;
• Skill in drawing;
• Excellent interpretation of 2D elements for 3D realization;
• Thorough knowledge of physiognomy, proportions and movement of the body;
• Ability to unfold the UV;
• Mastery of Photoshop;
• Excellent artistic sense and an eye for detail;
• Ability to meet deadlines;
• Passion for video games.

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