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Beenox is a video game developer founded in 2000.Established in Quebec City (Canada), Beenox is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Publishing Inc, one of the world's top game developer. Beenox attributes its success to its talented team, whom it takes great care of. We have many console game projects to our credit like Bee Movie Game, Monsters vs Aliens, Guitar Hero Smash Hits,Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man Edge of time and The Amazing Spider-Man. In 2013, the team cogantribute to the success of the huge Skylanders franchise with helping in the development of Skylanders Swap Force and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released in 2014. Our passionate team continues to fulfill its mission of creating memorable games through craftsmanship and innovation.

Jean-Pierre Lapointe
Jean-Pierre Lapointe
Job Description

Responsible for modeling environments under technical constraints (number of polygons, subdivisions of polygons, etc...) Responsible for the levels of details of objects Responsible for the model collisions and occlusions



  • Be able to design 3D objects and environments from illustrations Knowledge of 3D Max or experience with another 3D software and be ready to adapt to this technology Knowledge of lighting techniques of 3D Studio Max (a must);
  • Capable of working within the technical constraints of a video game development in real time;
  • Be organised and know how to meet deadlines;
  • Ability to communicate with other members of the team;
  • Be passionate about video games.
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